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Sports Marketing

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Author : Michael Fetchko, Donald P. Roy, Kenneth E. Clow
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Description : For courses in Sports Marketing.Help students understand the business of sports through a practitionerrsquo;s perspective.Written from the perspective of those whorsquo;ve been actively involved in the sports business, Sports Marketing addresses business and marketing issues pertinent to sports as observed by the practitioners and scholars themselves. Through its extensive presentation of current information, this text also helps encourage students to get actively involved and engaged in the process of sports entertainment.Features:Present information from the field:A practitionerrsquo;s approach. Most sports marketing texts are crafted using a marketing principles template. The organization and chapter themes of these texts are often too similar to Principles of Marketing texts. Sports Marketing strives to depart from that practice by focusing on important conceptual, strategic, and actionable areas of the sports marketing function. Practitioner contributions come from the author team, and a high caliber roster of successful sports executives from media, marketing, and other areas of sports business.Industry experts highlights. Each chapter features an industry expert. Each expert was selected based on his or her knowledge and provided input on chapter content. The Insider Expert feature that appears early in each chapter gives biographical information on the chapterrsquo;s industry contributor.Sports examples. Throughout the book, concepts are reinforced with examples of practices and events from the sports industry. A variety of sports, properties, and companies are used as examples to bring to life definitions and concepts presented.Put studentsrsquo; analytical skills into play:Critical thinking exercises, which are found throughout this text, require students to consider various situations faced by the sports marketers and sports executives.The end-of-chapter sports marketing cases put students in the role of decision maker, enabling students to apply knowledge and key concepts to business situations faced by actual sports brands.Expert insights. Each chapter concludes with Insider Insights, a question-and-answer feature with the chapterrsquo;s industry contributor. In this feature, experts share examples of best practices from their experiences and opinions about trends in sports marketing. Preview the chapterrsquo;s game plan: Lead-in vignettes. Each chapter begins with a vignette related to sports marketing and the content of the chapter. The vignette describes a practice or occurrence that illustrates a topic appearing in the chapter, setting the stage for more in-depth coverage in the chapter.Get students ready for the big leagues: Career planning. Many students take a sports marketing course because they have a serious interest in pursuing a career in sports business. In order to help students plan for their future careers, the final chapter contains:-Information about different career opportunities in sports marketing.-Steps students can take to position themselves as job candidates.-Advice on career planning and management from a panel of the bookrsquo;s industry experts.

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