(Get free) Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness Training: A Complete Program for Leaders and Individuals

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Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness Training: A Complete Program for Leaders and Individuals

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Author : Humberto Juan Young
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Description : This is the first book to link mindfulness training and positive psychology to the leadership, strategy and management issues faced by individuals and organizations.nbsp; Sets out a complete program in Mindfulness-based Strategic Awareness Training (MBSAT), a new form of strengths-based business mindfulness training which enhances participantsrsquo; ability to perceive opportunities, adapt and grow Draws on research from neuroscience, positive psychology, behavioural financenbsp; and management to show how leaders, managers and individuals can build and maintain more resonant relationships and adapt to constant change Includes real-life vignettes, specific instructions and a wealth of resources designed to guide experiential learning including background information, exercises, guidelines, hand-outs, graphics, and guided audio meditations Mindfulness training is increasingly used in organizational contexts ndash; the author is a pioneer in designing and delivering training that applies mindfulness and positive psychology to the strategic challenges of management and business

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