(Download free pdf) Study on the Auditing System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (Wiley Corporate FA)

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Study on the Auditing System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (Wiley Corporate FA)

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Author : Jiayi Liu
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Description : A comprehensive, authoritative examination of Chinese auditing practices Study on the Auditing System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics provides unprecedented insight into China’s current audit process, with expert contributions and predictions of future trends. Author Jiayi Liu is the Auditor General of the National Audit Office of the People’s Republic of China, and the current chairman of the governing boards of the International Organizations of Supreme Audit Institutions; in this book, he draws upon his vast experience to help you better understand China’s unique approach to auditing. Contributions from senior auditors across the China National Audit Office share deep insight into the system’s framework, features, and development, providing a comprehensive, systematic examination of current, past, and future practices. As a leading global auditing authority, Liu is the ideal source of information and clarity on China’s auditing system. This book opens up the practices, processes, and foundational aspects of this complex system to provide insight for those doing business in China. Understand the foundation of the Chinese auditing system Learn how the system was created and developed over time Delve into the system’s framework and detailed features Gain first-hand insight into China’s auditing experience Developed as a companion to Study on the Auditing Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, this book expands upon the system’s basic foundations to show how theory translates into practice. Companies who do business in China need a working knowledge of the system, and a scientific examination from the definitive authority provides a level of insight you won’t find anywhere else. Study on the Auditing System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics is the essential primer to the Chinese audit.

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