[Ebook pdf] How To Put Yourself Across

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How To Put Yourself Across

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Author : Elmer Wheeler
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Description : This is Elmerrsquo;s newest book. It is his best yet. It will bring you up to date on all the methods, techniques and strategy used, not only in America to win friends, but from around the world.He constantly brings out methods used worldwide to make friends. He has discovered many ways to get along in life as used for centuries by people of other lands, but never practiced in the United States. He will tell you, for example, about the soft sell of Japan; the bargain ways of Hong Kong; the winning silk appeals of Bangkok people; the image sell of India and so forthmdash;how these people sell themselves to others and go places in life.Truly, this is a collection of best waysmdash;and test waysmdash;to make friends, keep old friendsmdash;and go places.Yoursquo;ll live, yoursquo;ll learn, yoursquo;ll become a master of self-sell, once yoursquo;ve read these lively chapters of Mr. Sizzle.

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