(Get free) Talkability: Discover the secrets of effective conversation

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Talkability: Discover the secrets of effective conversation

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Author : James Borg
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Description : A new book from James Borg ndash; on what to say and how to say it ndash; so you can get more from the way you talk.nbsp;All the day-to-day conversations that you have in your private and working life result in a particular outcome. How many times do you come away from a situation and think you could have handled it better? The realization that you should have used different words or said things in anbsp;different tone which might have produced a more positive result or avoided friction. How often have you felt frustrated at your inability tonbsp;state your case and to explain your thoughts well enough for the other person to grasp your point?nbsp;Make no mistake – talk is our most precious commodity. Human interaction and face to face communication came long before social media websites, e-mail and texting.nbsp;Yet more and more people have lost the art of conversing effectively and successfully as the lsquo;screenrsquo; replaces conversation.nbsp;Talkability providesnbsp;tried and tested suggestions to help you get your points across and make things happen.

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