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Alternative Market Research Methods: Market Sensing

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Description : Traditional research methods in marketing can be illuminating when used well, but all too often their data-driven results fail to provide the depth of understanding that organisations need to anticipate market needs. Alternative Market Research Methods: Market sensing is a new approach that enables researchers to get greater depth and meaning from their research and organisations to make smarter strategic decisions. This book, the first text dedicated to the topic, explains market sensing simply and practically and demonstrates how it can benefit researchers. It teaches non-mainstream and alternative research methods which facilitate innovative research design, and achieves deep insights into the mindsets of consumers. The methods explored in this book include:emotional scaling ;discourse analysis;consumer ethnography;social media networks;narrative and story telling;gamification.With a wealth of case studies and pedagogy to aid student learning, as well as online teaching aids including PowerPoint presentations and video content, this ground-breaking textbook is an essential resource for anyone that wants to expand their repertoire of marketing research methods tonbsp;create a research project that will be original and insightful.

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