[Mobile pdf] Anthropologies of Unemployment: New Perspectives on Work and Its Absence

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Anthropologies of Unemployment: New Perspectives on Work and Its Absence

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Author : From ILR Press
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Description : Anthropologies of Unemployment offers accessible, theoretically innovative, and ethnographically rich examinations of unemployment in rural and urban regions across North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The diversity of case studies demonstrates that unemployment is a pressing global phenomenon that sheds light on the uneven consequences of free-market ideologies and policies. Economic, social, and cultural marginalization is common in the lives of the unemployed, but their experience and interpretation are shaped by local and national cultural particularities. In exploring those differences, the contributors to this volume employ recent theoretical innovations and engage with some of the more salient topics in contemporary anthropology, such as globalization, migration, youth cultures, bureaucracy, class, gender, and race.Taken together, the chapters reveal that there is something new about unemployment today. It is not a temporary occurrence, but a chronic condition. In adjusting to persistent, longstanding unemployment, people and groups create new understandings of unemployment as well as of work and employment; they improvise new forms of sociality, morality, and personhood. Ethnographic studies such as those found in Anthropologies of Unemployment are crucial if we are to understand the broader forms, meanings, and significance of pervasive economic insecurity and discover the emergence of new social and cultural possibilities.Contributors Josh Fisher, High Point UniversityDavid Karjanen, University of MinnesotaAnn E. Kingsolver, University of KentuckyJong Bum Kwon, Webster UniversityCarrie M. Lane, California State University, FullertonCaitrin Lynch, Olin College Daniel Mains, University of OklahomaJohn P. Murphy, Gettysburg CollegeMariano D. Perelman, University of Buenos AiresFrances Abrahamer Rothstein, Montclair State UniversityClaudia Strauss, Pitzer College

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