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A Theory of Behavior in Organizations

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Author : James C. Naylor, Robert D. Pritchard, Daniel R. Ilgen
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Description : A Theory of Behavior in Organizations develops a theory for organizational behavior, or, more accurately, a theory of individual behavior within organizations of behavior. The book begins by discussing a series of general issues involved in the theory of behavior in organizations. It then describes the theory itself in three stages: first, the general structure of the theory; second, definition of the key variables; and third, the interrelationships between the variables. Subsequent chapters show how the theory deals specifically with such issues as roles, decision making, and motivation. The theory presented is a cognitive theory of behavior. It assumes that man is rational (or at least nonrandom) for the most part, and that as a systematic or nonrandom generator of behavior, man’s actions are explained best in terms of conscious, thinking acts on the part of the individual. The theory deals with why the individual chooses certain alternative courses of action in preference to others, and thus it might properly be called a theory of choice behavior. Whereas the emphasis is on the cognitive aspects of behavior, considerable attention has been devoted to external, noncognitive variables in the system that play meaningful roles in the determination of individual behavior.

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