(Read download) Applied Statistics in Occupational Safety and Health

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Applied Statistics in Occupational Safety and Health

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Author : Christopher A. Janicak
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Description : Created for those who have little experience with statistics, or for those who need to keep a concise reference book on hand, this newly updated handbook provides an introductory guide to basic statistics and data analysis.Using step-by-step methods and both examples and applications common to safety professionals, including loss control consultants and occupational health nurses, this new edition makes understanding the “math” side of the job easier. Readers will learn how to apply appropriate statistical procedures to commonly encountered situations, how to perform each statistical test, how to executive inferential statistics for parametric and non-parametric procedures, and how to use descriptive statistical concepts to summarize data.The author ends each chapter with a chapter summary and review exercises. He also includes extensive illustrations, easy-to-read charts and tables, a glossary of statistical terms, a comprehensive index, solutions to sample problems, and five appendices containing statistical tables with their appropriate uses. This third edition provides new examples and numerous updates.

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