[Download ebook] Thank God it’s Monday: Ministry in the workplace

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Thank God it’s Monday: Ministry in the workplace

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Author : Mark Greene
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Description : Fun, fast and full of stories, this highly practical book looks at how we can make the most of our time at work, helping us to see our jobs, our co-workers and our bosses the way God does. The third edition of this highly influential contemporary classic features an updated resource section and a new chapter on integrating life and work, helping us see how our work life, as well as our weekend life, can be lived fruitfully for God.Thank God it’s Monday explores the realities of life at work in the 21st century for Christians. The book challenges readers to expand the lsquo;spiritualrsquo; part of life from the weekend to the workplace and helps them to understand that God is at work there through us, in us, and in those we work with.

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