[Online library] Pacing for Growth: Why Intelligent Restraint Drives Long-term Success

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Pacing for Growth: Why Intelligent Restraint Drives Long-term Success

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Author : Alison Eyring
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Description : Go the Distance!Whether you’re running a race or running a company, pacing is everything. Go too fast and you’ll burn yourself outmdash;too slow and you’re left in the dust. So how can leaders find the right speed? Growth expert Alison Eyring, who is also a long-distance runner and triathlete, found the answer in endurance training. It’s a concept she calls Intelligent Restraint. Eyring shows leaders how to evaluate their company’s and team’s current capacity for growth and identify the right capabilities and pacing strategies to increase growth steadily and sustainably. She masterfully weaves physiological and psychological research, in-depth business case studies, examples from real leaders, and practical tools with her own narrative of endurance training. The result is a revolutionary new mindset for enduring success.

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