(Free pdf) Mobile Commerce and Wireless Computing Systems

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Mobile Commerce and Wireless Computing Systems

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Author : Geoffrey Elliott, Nigel Phillips
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Description : As content delivery over wireless devices becomes faster and more secure, it is thought that mobile commerce (m-commerce) will overtake tethered e-commerce as the medium of choice for digital commerce transactions. As well as the obvious effect on financial services (mobile banking), telecommunications, and retail and information services (such as video delivery of sports results) it is also likely to have a profound effect on the way a wide variety of businesses arrange for people to meet and interact. This book explores the theory and practice of both the technical and business domains of m-commerce, particularly wireless networking and mobile commerce applications, as well as discussing the ‘what, why and how’ of m-commerce. The book starts by covering the theoretical underpinning of the subject, before going on to put the theory into practice, covering the technologies, approaches, applications and design issues.

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