(Online library) Non-Traditional Machining Processes

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Non-Traditional Machining Processes

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Author : Jagadeesha T
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Description : Today, Non-traditional machining processes no longer remain as laboratory processes and already in use in most of modern manufacturing industries. On account of the importance of these production methods in modern manufacturing systems, non -traditional machining processes are now included in curriculum of the most graduate and undergraduate engineering courses. Yet, there are very few really good text books covering fundamentals, mathematical concepts and numerical problems. The main objective of writing this book is to give a clear understanding of the concepts underlying modern machining process. Each non-traditional machining process is explained in a simple way covering process, equipment, process parameters, process capabilities, advantages, applications and limitations. The parameters kept in mind while writing the book are coverage of contents to suit syllabi of various Indian universities, prerequisite knowledge of the user of this book, lucidity of writing, clarity of thoughts and variety of solved and unsolved numerical problems, including problems from competitive examinations.Question papers of several years of many universities have been solved to give a flavor of questions that appear in the examinations. This book presents a comprehensive treatment of the process and equipment of Non-traditional machining processes, spread in 8 chapters. Each chapter is divided into subtopics and is explained in a very easy manner. All the chapters contain review questions and exercise problems. Salient Features:* Covers important Non-traditional machining processes as per VTU syllabus and other universities.* Maintains a balanced presentation of theoretical concepts and mathematical analysis.* Contains a large number of solved problems from university question papers* Ten years of questions papers of VTU have been solved* Each chapter contains a consolidated list of short and long questions from VTU and other universities.* Ideal Text book for students preparing for VTU and other universities examinations.

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