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The Bloomsbury Professional Tax Guide 2016/17

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Author : The TACS Partnership
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Description : A comprehensive annual guide to the full range of UK taxes, this is a highly practical guide written in a very accessible style. It is aimed primarily at the high street practitioner who does not have the breadth of expertise or expert knowledge at his/her own firm. Contains worked examples throughout. Part 1: Income tax:Income tax – outline; Employment; Self-employment; Share incentives; Pensions, state benefits, tax credits; Savings and investments; Land and property; Allowances, reliefs and deductions; Other income, etc; Income tax planning;Part 2: Capital gain tax:CGT – outline; Disposals; Reliefs; Particular assets and situations; Planning and other issues;Part 3: Corporation tax:Corporation tax – outline; Close companies; Corporation tax computation; Trading companies; Investment companies; Company losses (single company); Groups of companies; Foreign matters; Particular matters; Corporation tax planning;Part 4: Inheritance tax:IHT – outline; Reliefs and exemptions, etc; Lifetime transfers; IHT on death; IHT and trusts; IHT planning;Part 5: Trusts and estates:Trusts and estates – outline; Income tax and trusts; CGT and trusts; IHT and trusts; Estates;Part 6: VAT:VAT – outline; Registration and deregistration; Imports and exports; Special VAT schemes; Other VAT matters; VAT planning;Part 7: National insurance contributions:Employers and employees; Self-employed; Class 3 NIC; NIC planning;Part 8: Stamp duties:SDLT; Stamp duty and stamp duty reserve tax;Part 9: HMRC powers, penalties, etc:HMRC powers, penalties, etc – outline; Filing of forms; HMRC enquiries, discovery, etc; Payment of tax; Interest and penalties; Time limits for claims, elections, etc; Record keeping; HMRC inspections;Part 10: Leaving or arriving in the UK:Residence, ordinary residence and domicile; Taxation of individuals not resident in the UK, or not domiciled in the UK; The remittance basis; Double taxation relief.

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