(Get free) Labour, Employment and Economic Growth in India

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Labour, Employment and Economic Growth in India

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Description : Productive employment opportunities constitute the primary ingredient of economic transformation and inclusive growth. This volume examines India’s development experience in the sphere of labour, employment, structural change and institutional challenges in the recent past. The contributors have extended the boundaries of contemporary debate in a variety of ways by undertaking fairly detailed empirical analysis of selected aspects of growth and employment change in India. They uncover the recent patterns of change, between and within sectors over time that challenges popular beliefs and understanding of employment growth in India. Analysis of population ageing, gender discrimination, impact of labour regulation; institutional analysis; dynamics of judicial interpretation of laws protecting workers in the years of economic liberalisation among others have enriched the content. The volume contributes to our knowledge of India’s labour market and sheds light on employment challenges in an economy undergoing rapid growth and economic transformation.

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