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Results: Think Less. Achieve More

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Author : Jamie Smart
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Description : Life can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, right? It can be difficult to clear your mind of a million different anxieties and focus in on the one thing you need to get done. Bestselling author of Clarity and The Little Book of Clarity goes one step further with Results by using his Clarity Coaching Model to help you de-clog your mind so you can make better decisions, prioritise and focus on achieving those important goals. Develop a deeper understanding of why you act the way you do and awaken your inner potential. Jamie’s transformational coaching techniques will help you improve in all areas of your life, from developing your listening skills during meetings at work to reducing the levels of stress in your life. These techniques will see you through three important changes ndash; your personal transformation that will see you gaining confidence and understanding your own behaviour, your interpersonal transformation to guide you in having an impact on those around you, and lastly your commercial transformation to get your professional life moving in the direction you want. Results is full of helpful examples and exercises to get you on the road to the results you need. Learn how to: Prioritise and focus on the right goals at the right time Achieve the results you want by following the Clarity Coaching Model Improve your overall performance to gain better relationships with your colleagues, close friends and family Add more purpose to your life by allowing time for creativity and innovation Encourage others to follow in your footsteps! Praise for Results:ldquo;This book is going to wake up your innate ability to create results.rdquo; ndash; Shaacute;aacute; Wasmund MBE, author of the Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller Stop Talking, Start Doing ldquo;A visionary guide to success in the new transformation economy ndash; simple principles, practical applications and bottom line resultsrdquo;. ndash; Michael Neill, No. 1 bestselling author of The Inside-Out Revolution and The Space Within ldquo;Results shows you how to unlock the potential of all individuals and every type of organization.rdquo; ndash; Eva Hamilton MBE, Founder and CEO, Key4Life ldquo;Results is a pleasure to read and full of deep insights into preparing ourselves for a more innovative way of thinking and organizing ndash; it provides a guiding philosophy which puts our innate capacities at the heart of everything. It is a book that anyone interested in innovation ndash; both inside and out ndash; should read.rdquo; ndash; Paul Sternberg, Associate Dean and Head of Design Innovation, Ravensbourne University ldquo;There is a magic in this book, offering wisdom to everyone. Blink and yoursquo;ll miss it. Blink and yoursquo;ll get it.rdquo; ndash; Jim Lewcock, CEO, The Specialist Works ldquo;Jamie Smart has cracked the code for creating real results in a way that fits perfectly with who you really are.rdquo; ndash; Rich Litvin, Founder, 4PC and co-author of The Prosperous Coach ldquo;As an owner of a business a key success factor for me has been to focus on discovering and working with authentic people that enable me to continually deliver results. Without doubt the clarity principles and Jamiersquo;s insights have been an exponential multiplier for me in my business and personal life.rdquo; ndash; Chris Norton, Director, Mentor Group ldquo;Results provides a refreshing approach to personal and entrepreneurial transformation, and most importantly ndash; to achieving results!rdquo; ndash; Vlatka Hlupic, award-winning author of The Management Shift ldquo;We all know we can have our best ideas, have a clarity of insight, at unexpected times. In this boo

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