[Read ebook] Fight the Fear: How to beat your negative mindset and win in life

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Fight the Fear: How to beat your negative mindset and win in life

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Author : Mandie Holgate
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Description : nbsp;DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S STANDING BETWEEN YOU AND SUCCESS IN LIFE? IT’S YOU! CHANGE YOUR MINDSET TO DEAL WITH YOUR FEARS AND YOU INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF SUCCESS. nbsp; Fear of failure, fear of public speaking, fear of being you, fear of asking for what you want, fear of saying NO and fear of change, the list is endless and yet we all have fears in both our personal and professional lives. nbsp; Fight the Fear will help you get the results you want by helping you to overcome your fears one step at a time. In short, easy-to-read, jargon-free chapters, yoursquo;ll discover proven strategies, skills and tools to help you deal with typical situations we all dread such as saying no, appearing confident without being arrogant, asking for what you want, public speaking and picking up the phone. Don’t miss out on life’s big opportunities, now you can manage your fear so it doesn’t restrict you – there’s nothing you can’t handle. nbsp;nbsp; CHANGE THE WAY YOU BEHAVE EVERYDAY, YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR BELIEFS, YOUR VALUES AND GAIN THE RESPECT YOU DESERVE. nbsp; nbsp; ldquo;Mandiersquo;s enthusiasm will be felt as you progress through this book, taking inspiration from her journey and assisting you to build your own confidence along the way. It provides a sound and practical framework to enable you to tackle any fears you may have, providing advice on how to overcome them, giving your chances of future success a massive boost.rdquo; Mike Smith, Senior Inward Investment, Economy Growth Officer, Chelmsford City Council nbsp; ldquo;A triumphant book – Mandiersquo;s unique ability to motivate and inspire abounds within its pages. It will make you think about your fears in a new light, andnbsp;ensure you take action tonbsp;overcome them” Nigel Risner, Motivational Inspirational Speaker nbsp; ldquo;Exactly what I expected from Mandie, an absolutely fantastic book full of practical tips, advice and strategies to help you kick the fears holding you back and get you well on your way to success!rdquo; Sarah Hurley, Director – Sarah Hurley Ltd nbsp; ldquo;This book is a no frills, no jargon, easy to read guide to losing the fears that hold you back in business. A great read with practical simple steps to help you conquer the fears that hold you back.rdquo; Melissa Neisler Dickinson, Managing Director, The Suffolk Wedding Show nbsp; ldquo;If you are someone who wants to take control of your life and do it right now and this is the book for you. Mandy is an incredible person who has helped so many people break free from all this health and back and then helped and supported them in developing the confidence to achieve their goals. The reason this book is so good is that it tackles the number one issue that holds most people back and that’s fear. Once people learn how to see through the illusion that fear can often be they can achieve their goals dreams and ambitions much easier. This is a book that is packed with tips tools, strategies and techniques to conquer fear and live your life to the full. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to supercharge their life.rdquo; Pete Cohen, Life coach, motivational speaker and best selling author nbsp; “Mandie helped me realise my dreams and I am eternally grateful for her triggering that special spark; not only to ignite my passion but turn it into a successful and profitable business.” Angela Chouaib, MD Founder, Www.SecretSurgery.co.uk nbsp; ldquo;Mandiersquo;s book makes such impressive sense and even better, it is easy to read. It provides clarity in a world that is so fast paced now. Whilst Mandie remains lsquo;bossyrsquo; by including exercises and homework, she allows us to gain far more through actions and working out what matters to us. Sometimes it takes a while to recognise that someone has a special ability to get us to believe in ourselves, to tie that belief to our highest ideals, and to imagine that together we can do great things. In those rare moments, when such a person comes along, we need to put aside our plans and reach for what we know is possible.rdquo; Jo-anne Stewart, lsquo;New Openings Project Manager ndash; Premier…

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