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International Financial Management

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Author : V S Somanath
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Description : This book covers the broad spectrum of the theory and practise of International Financial Management. The dominant approach to the development of India since opening up of its economy in the beginning of nineties has been the increasing acceptance of its policies of economic liberalisation and focussed efforts of internationalisation of its businesses. Technology has contributed significantly to the growth and spread of globalization and expansion of international trade and commerce. Economies across the world have opened up and owing to the technological advancements in communication, transportation, and international finance; there are fewer complexities in conducting business across national borders. Further the rapid strides and innovations in the technological infrastructure have facilitated carrying out international business anywhere at any time on a 24 x 7 basis. Managers in multinational corporations need to be empowered to experience the challenges of international finance. Managers should understand why MNCs and international financial markets behave the way they do. An international finance manager must determine the overall structure of the trade and commerce and has the task of opening businesses in a radically different ecosystem. Hence, the need for qualified and trained personnel to manage international finance is getting growing acceptance worldwide.

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