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Organizational Behavior

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Author : Supreet Ahluwalia Joshi
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Description : The book entitled Organizational Behavior is authored to serve the students of mainstream OB courses and allied programs. It is written in a reader-friendly language and maintains a balance between theory and practice. In addition, the topics of the book flow from micro to macro level. The book describes organizational behavior from the individual, group, and organizational perspectives. It covers several topics, such as perception, personality, attitude, motivation, and morale. In addition, it explains various theories and models of leadership, conflict management, and stress management. The book attempts to simplify complex ideas through descriptive and clear explanations, contemporary examples, and learning exercises. Case studies, figures, tables, and exhibits are used to elaborate the concepts and make the readers comfortable with the subject matter. The exceptional features of the book are its consistent pedagogical structure and methodical framework. The book meets the requirements of students pursuing MBA, PGDM, BBA, and allied disciplines. Entrepreneurs and professionals will also find the book useful.

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