(Download pdf) Invisible Giants: Changing the World One Step at a Time

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Invisible Giants: Changing the World One Step at a Time

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Author : Lindsay Levin
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Description : Invisible Giants is about leadership, choices in life and the potential in everyone to make a difference. Lindsay Levin, who founded the social enterprise Leaders’ Quest, tells the stories of the remarkable people she has met, and their impact on the world.They are individuals who have overcome a lack of education and resources to re-energise their communities, and business leaders who strive to integrate purpose alongside profit. They are female activists in slums campaigning to end the exclusion of girls from school, and environmentalists tackling the effects of industrialisation on the world’s ecosystem. They are the people we meet every day, who are revisiting their life choices.It’s also the story of Lindsay’s own quest to ask: “what really matters?” and to figure out where the answers can take her.

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