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International Entrepreneurship in the Arts

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Author : Lidia Varbanova
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Description : International Entrepreneurship in the Arts focuses on teaching students, artists, and arts managers specific strategies for expanding creative ventures that are already successful domestically to an international audience. Varbanovarsquo;s accessible writing outlines a systematic theoretical framework that guides the reader from generating an innovative idea and starting up an international arts enterprise to its sustainable international growth.Applying concepts, models, and tools from international entrepreneurship theory and practice, Varbanova analyzes how these function within the unique setting of the arts and culture sector. The book covers: Domestic inception of an arts enterprise, followed by international expansionStarting up an international arts venture in the early stages of its inceptionPresenting an arts activity or project in a foreign country or regionFinancing a startup venture with international resourcesImplementing diverse models of international partnershipStarting up an arts venture that is run by a multinational teamCreating an art product with international dimensionThe bookrsquo;s 23 case studies and 54 short examples feature disciplines from fine arts and photography to music, theatre, and contemporary dance, and cover ventures in over 20 countries to provide students with practical insight into the issues and challenges facing real arts organizations. Aimed at students interested in the business aspects of arts and cultural ventures, it will also be of use to practitioners looking at ways to internationalize their own enterprises.

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