[Mobile book] How to Budget for the Family

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How to Budget for the Family

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Author : Anthony Ekanem
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Description : When reflecting on family budgeting and inquiring why not more families are using it, it becomes self-evident that similar skepticism runs rampant and deep in reality and society, even globally so. Once you start probing family budgets, expending time and energy researching the subject in-depth, it becomes quite clear, that most families are caught in a vicious, almost never-ending cycle of “what comes in must go out.”Most families might feel that budgeting is a futile effort, unnecessarily burdening them with thoughts and ways to go broke methodically and slowly, without the creature comforts and indulgences of our human modern-day society. Others might voice that they feel as if they are merely throwing money away, in a never-ending and dizzying spiral of spend, spend, spend. People are getting deeper and deeper into debt, no matter how hard they try to get out of it. Questions are then raised: How do we stop these courses of action? How do we change the thinking around family fiscal discipline? Put simply, in “How to Budget for the Family”, we focus on how to empower families to set up better, more realistic budgets, stick to them and celebrate their successes (and learn from their failures!)

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