(Read ebook) Managing Workplace Diversity and Inclusion: A Psychological Perspective

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Managing Workplace Diversity and Inclusion: A Psychological Perspective

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Author : Rosemary Hays-Thomas
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Description : Managing Workplace Diversity and Inclusion bridges the gap between social science theory and research and the practical concerns of those working in diversity and inclusion by presenting an applied psychological perspective. Using foundational ideas in the field of diversity and inclusion as well as concepts in the social sciences, this book provides a set of cognitive tools for dealing with situations related to workplace diversity and applies both classic theories and new ideas to topics such as United States employment law, teamwork, gender, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other areas. Each chapter includes engaging scenarios and real-world applications to stimulate learning and help students conceptualize and contextualize diversity in the workplace. Intended for upper-level undergraduates as well as graduate students, this textbook brings together foundational theories with practical, real-world applications to build a strong understanding of managing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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