(Read download) Public Relations in India: New Tasks and Responsibilites

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Public Relations in India: New Tasks and Responsibilites

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Author : J V Vilanilam
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Description : Public Relations in India is a review of the history of Public Relations (PR) in the world and India and an in-depth critical analysis of the value of PR as an essential feature of the management function. The key focus of this book is what PR means for India and other developing countries in the 21st century. Building a case for citizen-centric public relations, the author argues that in India, PR must be viewed as a development tool geared towards socioeconomic progress. This argument is backed by case studies and practical examples of PR writing, PR concepts applicable to India and the latest techniques and gadgets used in PR practice. The book covers topics like Internal and External PR, Satellite and International Communication and Cross-cultural Communication and blends theoretical arguments with management case studies.The book aims to sensitize general readers as well as PR professionals about the increasingly socially responsible role that the PR function has to play in developing nations to help in all-round social uplift.

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