[Download pdf] Executive Coaching: A Practitioner’s Guide to Creating Excellence (Response Books)

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Executive Coaching: A Practitioner’s Guide to Creating Excellence (Response Books)

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Author : Sunil Unny Guptan
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Description : Executive Coaching is a high-value learning and development opportunity offered to critical senior executives. Its objective is to help them make strategic shifts in their professions, careers and lives. This book is an in-depth exploration of this transformational practice. Executive Coaching: A Practitionerrsquo;s Guide to Creating Excellence discusses the process beginning from the initial contact to building relationship and mutual understanding, taking the required precautions and maximizing output. The author has detailed the theoretical approaches to Executive Coaching; the competencies, capabilities and skills required to be an effective executive coach; and the tools and techniques used in the process. The book is an invitation to getting an inside look at Executive Coaching. It will serve as a guide to building a positive coaching culture in organizations and to help the top management in getting the best out of their workforce.

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