[E-BOOK] Resilient Organizations: How to Survive, Thrive and Create Opportunities Through Crisis and Change

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Resilient Organizations: How to Survive, Thrive and Create Opportunities Through Crisis and Change

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Author : Erica Seville
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Description : Some organizations are able to survive and thrive through times of uncertainty while others stumble and fall at the first sign of trouble. What differentiates resilient organizations from those that are not? Do we need to wait until a crisis strikes to see how resilient an organization is, or can we diagnose resilience in advance of a crisis? Resilient Organizations draws on primary research to reveal the answers to these questions and provide practical ideas and actions to make your own organization more resilient. Organizational resilience is not just about minimizing and managing risk exposure; it is about creating organizations with the agility to adapt to unexpected challenges and the capacity to seize opportunity out of adversity. Dr Erica Seville, founder of the Resilient Organizations research programme, provides readers with the essential knowledge required to enable organizations to thrive in a world of change and uncertainty, where resilience is an increasingly important strategic capacity. Drawing on a decade of research, her team have identified 13 indicators to diagnose an organization’s resilience. Resilient Organizations draws out the top five ingredients and shows how organization resilience is a capability that can and must be proactively fostered and maintained over time. Using case studies, diagnostic tools and key actions and initiatives to develop and maintain organizational resilience, Resilient Organizations is essential reading for everyone tasked with developing strong organizations that can survive and thrive in crisis and change – from risk, resilience and business continuity professionals to leadership and management teams.

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