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How to Write a Marketing Plan (Creating Success)

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Author : John Westwood
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Description : How to Write a Marketing Plan provides a step-by-step guide to creating a successful marketing plan: from carrying out a marketing audit, setting objectives and devising budgets to writing, presenting and implementing the plan. With brand new content on producing mini-plans and seizing new opportunities quickly, it also contains the most current information on email marketing, web usage, mobile commerce and social media. Including helpful chapter summaries and a detailed sample marketing plan, How to Write a Marketing Plan is essential reading for anyone who wants to boost their product or business. The creating success series of books…With over one million copies sold, the hugely popular Creating Success series covers a wide variety of topics and is written by an expert team of internationally best-selling authors and business experts. This indispensable business skills collection is packed with new features, practical content and inspiring guidance for readers across all stages of their careers.

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