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Marketing Plan for Costa Coffee

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Author : Maingi Joe
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Description : Project Report from the year 2011 in the subject Business economics – Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, Social Media, grade: A, University of Wales, Newport,, language: English, abstract: This is a marketing plan for Costa Coffee which is based on the Costa Coffee case study. The marketing plan discussed in this report carries out a detailed analysis and strategic examination of different marketing aspects of Costa Coffee in the UK and in its global markets. The report makes use of various tools and models as described in marketing literature. The report also utilizes a number of techniques by which the entire marketing plan is realized. The major aim of the marketing plan in this report is to demonstrate the insight into strategy development for effective marketing and how to make use of this insight for such marketing plan as discussed in this report.The report conducts a step-by-step examination of Costa Coffee. First of all it conducts the marketing audit of the firm and discusses various aspects of the audit in technical details. Both the micro and macro environments of the company are discussed at length. Next, the report undertakes a detailed SWOT analysis of Costa Coffee to take help to realize a robust marketing plan. After the SWOT analysis, the report moves on to set the marketing objective for Costa Coffee to set its 3 year future marketing plan. The report then discusses the very critical 7 Prsquo;s of the company or the marketing mix strategies and discusses how the company can capitalize on its present day success. The report then moves on to discuss various aspects of budget allocation for the companyrsquo;s local market as well as its global markets. The report ends with a discussion on controls in the overall marketing plan. Various aspects of controls are discusses, and it is also discussed how the company should continue to improve its decision making processes while closely monitoring its operations.

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