(Mobile ebook) Navigating the Maze: Simple, Smarter Strategies to Fast-track Success

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Navigating the Maze: Simple, Smarter Strategies to Fast-track Success

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Author : Bharat Wakhlu, Savita Bhan Wakhlu
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Description : .microsite:hover{ color: #2a6496 !important; border-color: #2a6496 !important; }Visit the Book site for more informationMany of us find ourselves stuck in the life and career maze, and the shortcut route to success often leads us to a dead-end. This book works as a navigator to guide us seamlessly through this maze with both a micro and macro view of every issue on the way. The book focuses on three key ideas: Self-mastery, Interpersonal Excellence and the World of Work. Introducing the right skills and capabilities in these three areas of life, professionals are primed for fast-tracking success. Using a non-jargon, no-nonsense approach, Bharat and Savita use their cumulative experience of over five decades in coaching and mentoring to help professionals navigate their way to success.

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