(Read ebook) HR Analytics and Innovations in Workforce Planning

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HR Analytics and Innovations in Workforce Planning

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Author : Tony Miller
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Description : The very latest research shows that a process approach to interviewing provides greater structure and has the potential for significantly reducing bias. Learn how to deter and filter the poor performers and benefit from structured prewritten score able questions that will really make a difference to interviewing effectiveness and securing talented people. In a time when all organizations are striving to get the best talented people, it makes sense for organizations to upgrade and review their interviewing procedures and incorporate whatever techniques are available to reduce interviewing errors. The evidence shows that many HR functions have failed in the past to understand the long-term financial consequences of poor performance or to realize that talented people do so much more work than other employees. Financial examples are shown in this book using data from the 2015 work done survey. Successful talent recruitment is critical to any organizationrsquo;s long-term success. This book gives you a detailed guide to the entire nine-step process with worked examples.

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