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Routledge International Handbook of Consumer Psychology (Routledge International Handbooks)

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Description : This unique handbook maps the growing field of consumer psychology in its increasingly global context. With contributions from over 70 scholars across four continents, the book reflects the cross-cultural and multidisciplinary character of the field. Chapters relate the key consumer concepts to the progressive globalization of markets in which consumers act and consumption takes place. The book is divided into seven sections, offering a truly comprehensive reference worknbsp;that covers:The historical foundations of the discipline and the rise of globalizationThe role of cognition and multisensory perception in consumersrsquo; judgementsThe social self, identity and well-being, including their relation to advertisingSocial and cultural influences on consumption, including politics and religion Decision making, attitudes and behaviorally based researchSustainable consumption and the role of brandingThe particularities of online settings in framing and affecting behaviorThe Routledge International Handbook of Consumer Psychology will be essential reading for anyone interested in how the perceptions, feelings and values of consumers interact with the decisions they make in relation to products and services in a global context. It will also be key reading for students and researchers across psychology and marketing, as well as professionals interested in a deeper understanding of the field.

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