[PDF] Internet Retailing and Future Perspectives

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Internet Retailing and Future Perspectives

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Author : Eleonora Pantano, Bang Nguyen, Charles Dennis, Sabine Gerlach
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Description : Since the first edition of this landmark textbook, online shopping has grown exponentially to the point that it now threatens to eclipse the high street. With online retail offering both advantages and challenges that are distinct from traditional commerce, this textbook provides new approaches to retailing and as suchnbsp;helps readers to take advantage ofnbsp;new digital technologies.This long-awaited new edition provides a thorough and substantial update to its solid core principle of digital retailing and its relationship with conventional retail methods. These principles are explained clearly and practically to provide students, entrepreneurs and researchers with a reliable guide to the implementation and operation of a successful online retailing business.Updates to this edition include:Search engine marketing and search engine optimization.New and updated case studies, including Tescorsquo;s virtual store, Ray-Banrsquo;s smart mirror, IKEArsquo;s mobile catalogue and Nordstromrsquo;s TextStyle.Social networks and electronic word-of-mouth communication.A new chapter on ubiquitous retailing.A brand new companion website to support tutors. With accessibly written features such as key learning points, questions, think pointsnbsp;and further reading, Internet Retailing and Future Perspectives is ideal for anyone using, studying or researching digital commerce.

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