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Miss Ella of Commander’s Palace

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Author : Ella Brennan
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Description : “I donrsquo;t want a restaurant where a jazz band canrsquo;t come marching through.” Meet Ella Brennan: mother, mentor, blunt-talking fireball, and matriarch of a New Orleans restaurant empire, famous for bringing national attention to Creole cuisine. In this candid autobiography, she shares her life. From childhood in the Great Depression to opening esteemed eateries, itrsquo;s quite a story to tell. When she and her family launched Commanderrsquo;s Palace, it became the cityrsquo;s most popular restaurant, where famous chefs such as Paul Prudhomme, Emeril Lagasse, and James Beard Award winner Troy McPhail got their start.Miss Ella of Commanderrsquo;s Palace describes the drama, the disasters, and the abundance of love, sweat, and grit it takes to become the matriarch of New Orleansrsquo; finest restaurant empire. James Beard Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award winner Ella Brennan was born in 1925 in New Orleans, Louisiana. From her first job at the age of eighteen working in her brotherrsquo;s bar, she has spent her entire professional life in the restaurant business, with her crowning achievement being the Commanderrsquo;s Palace restaurant. She has two children, Ti and Alex, and still lives in New Orleans. Ti Adelaide Martin is the daughter of Ella Brennan. Raised in New Orleans, she has followed in her motherrsquo;s footsteps and is now co-proprietor of Commanderrsquo;s Palace. She remembers her mother ldquo;always hosting these lavish parties at our house,rdquo; she recalls. ldquo;There were always lots of interesting people there from around the country, many from the culinary world.rdquo; nbsp;

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