(Mobile pdf) Hai Madhan Part-3 (Tamil)

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Hai Madhan Part-3 (Tamil)

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Author : Madhan
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Description : This book holds a total of 439 questions and the evidential answers given by Madhan referring various articles. Madhan has answered various questions related to Myths, history, Science and sports asked by readers. Similarly in the third part of this book, readers can find answers for questions related to animals, birds, love, human relations, and psychology. Moreover he has given extra information based on his own experience. This book lsquo;Hai Madhanrsquo; is a collection of all question and answers that has been published in Vikatan between 2005 November and 2006 October. Every household should have this book so that whenever there is a question related to the above mentioned topic the readers can find instant answers by looking in this book.

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