[FREE] Islamic Development in Palestine: A Comparative Study (Routledge Studies on the Arab-Israeli Conflict)

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Islamic Development in Palestine: A Comparative Study (Routledge Studies on the Arab-Israeli Conflict)

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Author : Stephen Royle
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Description : This booknbsp;assesses the capabilities of an Islamic approach in aiding self-organisation by examining the case of the occupied Palestinian territories in conjunction with a comparative analysis of four other nations. Three main mechanisms of Islamic development are explored; finance, microfinance and charity. Identifying the need to recognise the non-linear nature of societal interaction at the individual, community and state levels, the booknbsp;uses complexity theorynbsp;to better understand development. Itnbsp;assesses the role of Islamic development at macro and micro levelsnbsp;and identifiesnbsp;issuesnbsp;withnbsp;rigid and hierarchical policy making.

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