[DOWNLOAD] Mining Ideas for Diamonds:Comparing China and US IP Practices from Invention Selection to Patent Monetization

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Mining Ideas for Diamonds:Comparing China and US IP Practices from Invention Selection to Patent Monetization

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Author : Tao Zhang, Jingui Fang
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Description : In 2015, China and the U.S. were among the top three countries in terms of the number of international PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) patents filed, together making up 40% of the global share, reported the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).Not surprisingly, there is a huge international desire within the business, legal and technical communities to better understand the Intellectual Property (IP) practices of these two giants in the industry. This book, a pioneer in comparing the two countries’ practices side-by-side, does just that.Tao Zhang and Jingui Fang, respectively from Huawei Device USA and Huawei Technologies in China (2015’s top PCT applicant according to WIPO, with 3,898 published patent applications), provide readers with first-hand guidance from invention conception to IP monetization, with a consistent emphasis on quality. Written such that readers can delve straight into any area of the IP cycle that interests them, the book also contains useful checklists that highlight best practices and key lessons learned.Whether you are an individual wanting to improve a product or process, a patent drafter needing to provide client satisfactory results, a patent asset manager desiring to create a bullet proof portfolio, or an IP business executive wishing to deliver much needed financial results to your company’s bottom line, this book, with its comparative approach, is an essential read mdash; filled with tips and information to help you create high quality patents.

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