(Download pdf) Is China an Empire?

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Is China an Empire?

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Author : Han Shih Toh
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Description : With the rapid increase in China’s overseas investment and trade, China’s global economic clout is increasing by the day. Does China’s global economic reach make it an empire in the 21st century? What sort of impact will China’s trade and investment have on its global counterparts? Chinese investment projects around the world, from railways in Africa and dams in Latin America to the acquisition of landmark buildings in the US, look to alter global patterns of influence and power. How would other countries react to China’s rising international influence?The US government and many Americans deny their country is an empire, although the US status as the leading superpower makes it an empire in all but name. How will China coexist with the US, which has arguably been an imperialist power since the end of World War II? How will the incumbent neo-imperialist power, the US, deal with an emergent China?With its acute analysis of Sinondash;US relations, the book will interest readers who wish to understand the impact of China on various countries, its place on the world stage as well as the geopolitical implications for all in the 21st century.

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