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Mergers and Acquisitions in Practice

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Description : The growth in mergers and acquisitions (MA) activity around the worldnbsp;masksnbsp;a high rate of failure. MA can provide companies with many benefits, but in the optimism and excitement of the deal many of the challenges are often overlooked. This comprehensive collection, bringing together an international team of contributors, moves beyond the theory to focus on the practical elements of mergers and acquisitions.This hands-on, step-by-step volume provides strategies, frameworks, guidelines, and ample examples for managing and optimizing MA performance, including:ways to analyze different types of synergy;understanding and analyzing cultural difference along corporate and national cultural dimensions, using measurement tools;using negotiation, due diligence, and planning to analyze the above factors; making use of this data during negotiation, screening, planning, agreement, and when deciding on post-merger integration approaches.Students, researchers, and managers will find this text a vital resource when it comes tonbsp;understanding this key facet of the international business world.

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